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A few years ago I published the results of my research on Eucharistic miracles,  and , lo and behold, I received a letter that disputed the documentation I had gathered because, as the writer said, Eucharistic "bleedings" were the fruit of a naive era that tended to imagine miracles.
This statement caused me a good deal of suffering. And the reason was simple: things were not that way and  the facts spoke for themselves unequivocally.
Was not Padre Pio, a man of the 20th century, a living Eucharistic miracle? His extraordinary life was  tied to the Altar, to the Mass and to the Blood.
Who could say  that Padre Pio was  just an invention of naive people and of visionaries of the 20th century? Teresa Neumann, who died in 1962, in the middle of the 20th century, was nourished for thirty-six years … just with the Eucharist. Medical commissions took turns at her side and observed her day and night. At the end, they had to admit that the phenomenon was humanly unexplainable.
This, too, was a Eucharistic miracle. Who can deny it?
Marthe Robin, who died in 1981, was nourished for  53 years exclusively with the Eucharist. At times, to the amazement of the witnesses, because she could not  swallow,  shebreathed in the Eucharist in a gesture of profound love toward Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament.
Referring to Marthe Robin, the renowned thinker Jean Guitton, , wrote: "The woman I will describe was a woman of the French countryside. She was a woman who perhaps was the strangest, most extraordinary and puzzling person of our era. From my first encounter with her I had the feeling that someday I would not be able not to talk of her." Why? For the very simple reason that her life is a resounding miracle … tied to the Most Holy Eucharist.
These pages describe many Eucharistic miracles and allow them to speak with great sobriety. It is worth reading these pages to hear the cry of God's love that resounds in every celebration of the Eucharist. Today … like yesterday! These pages remind us that  these Eucharistic miracles  are there to reaffirm—together with the Cathedrals, Schools of Theology, Shrines, figurative, literary and musical Art, and Works of charity—that Europe was formed, grew and was nourished with the same faith in Jesus Christ the Nazarene, the one and only Savior of the world.

+ Angelo Comastri
Vicario del Papa per lo Stato della Città del Vaticano